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The Non-Surgical Solution to Becoming Pain Free

In the UK, official clinical guidance for treatments is issued by NICE (National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence). Their remit is to make a recommendation on various treatments that have been evidenced and backed by substantial research.

For Shockwave there are six conditions with NICE guidelines and each year, more conditions are treated leading to further evidence of successful outcomes. There is now over 200 randomised control trails demonstrating 80%+ success rates.

Fast and Effective | Clinically Proven | No Medication and Non-Invasive


Neck Pain (Myofascial pain syndromes)
Shoulder Pain (Calcifying tendinitis of the shoulder, subacrominal pain syndrome)
Back Pain (Myofascial pain syndromes, idiopathic lowerback pain and pseudoradicular syndromes)
Elbow Pain (Lateral and medial epicondylitis)
Hand Pain (Dupuytrens disease, De Quervain disease, trigger finger and Carpal tunnel syndrome)
Hip Pain (Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome)
Hamstring Pain (Hamstring tendinopathy, insertional)
Knee Pain (Osteoarthritis, patella tip syndrome)
Osgood -Schlatter Disease
Achilles Pain (Achilles tendinopathy, insertional and mid body)
Heel Pain (Plantarfasciopathy)