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Verruca Treatments

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Verruca Treatments

A verruca is a viral infection that effects the plantar surface of the feet. Many verruca can be treated at home. However if the verruca is painful or spreading, we recommend a clinic visit to have it assessed. There are many different strains of the verruca virus that can act quite aggressively.

What we offer

The gold standard treatment for verruca is needling. It is a well researched, safe and effective treatment that can get rid of even the most stubborn verruca. We pick the largest verruca to needle. Local anaesthetic is then used to numb the whole sole of the foot and we use a small needle to penetrate the verruca. This causes an immune response. Results are regularly seen from 4 weeks, some may take longer, but our success rate is approx 80% after one treatment. Please book in as a new patient so we can assess your suitability for this procedure.

We can also use more conservative treatments such as liquid nitrogen and acids however the outcome of these treatments is less predictable.

Verruca needling Q&As

What is verruca needling?

Verruca needling is a procedure where the verruca is punctured with a small sterile needle; this causes bleeding and inflammation, which stimulates the body’s immune system to resolve the problem.  Needling pushes viral cells into the deeper layers of the skin where there is an excellent blood supply and the immune system is far more active.

Can I drive to my appointment?

You can drive to us, but it would be better if you can get a friend or relative to bring you to your appointment as you will be unable to drive home after your needling procedure.  We recommend that you go home and rest with your foot elevated for the remainder of the day following your treatment.

Is it painful?

This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, as the tissue is numb you will not feel a thing.  Some patients experience a little discomfort when administrating the local anaesthetic, but this is over very quickly.  Patients generally experience very little pain after the procedure – although it is common to experience tenderness when the anaesthetic wears off.

What is the advantage of this procedure?

There are many treatments for treating verrucae (including doing absolutely nothing); however, the results are mixed and the treatments are often painful, with many requiring several consultations.    Patients can remove the dressing the within 1-3 days and continue as normal.

Can needling be used on multiple verrucae?

Needling can be used to treat all verrucae, large or small, and if you do have several verrucae then the largest one will be treated, often if this is successful the others will regress at the same time if they are caused by the same strain of the virus.

Will it work?

There is no treatment that can offer a 100% success rate for verrucae.  If it does not work on the first round then you can arrange for a second needling procedure to be done or you can ask us about any of the other common treatments available.

Will I need to take painkillers afterwards?

Most patients do not require any pain relief but once the local anaesthetic wears off you may wish to take your usual painkillers.  We strongly advise against using anti-inflammatory medication or aspirin as these may reduce the effectiveness of the treatment or encourage excessive bleeding.

Will I need to take time off?

Patients are usually able to attend work the day after treatment and you are expected to be able to return to your usual activities after about 48 hours.

What do I do about dressings?

Your verruca will be dressed after the needling procedure, you need to keep this in place and keep it dry for 24 hours.  After that you can remove the dressing and take a light shower; you should not require any further dressings.

The research

Longhurst B, Bristow I. The Treatment of Verrucae Pedis Using Falknor’s Needling Method: A Review of 46 Cases. Journal of Clinical Medicine. 2013;2(2):13-21. doi:10.3390/jcm2020013



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