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Shockwave therapy at Head2toepractice, Belfast



Shockwave therapy at Head2toepractice, Belfast


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Head2toepractice, Belfast & shockwave therapy


Each podiatrist at Head2toepractice are members of the Swiss Dolorclast Academy (SDCA), making us one of the few clinics in Ireland that have the expertise and clinical training to provide you with optimum care. The Academy is based upon 3 pillars.

  • Technology
  • Clinical research
  • Practitioner Education



We have invested heavily on the most research method of delivering shockwave therapy. The EMS SwissDolor Clast machine is the gold standard for ESWT. Most of the fantastic research carried out was by using our exact machine. There are many different shockwave machines out there, but none can match the power and effectiveness of the EMS.


If you are hesitant in deciding and would like to read the research, please contact us and we can provide you with the studies. The clinical side effects are minimal but the benefits are huge. Making it a safe choice and an alternative to surgery. It is FDA approved and also recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE)



All Head2toepractice practitioners are trained according to SCDA guidance. The Swiss DolorClast® Academy is EMS’s educational platform and streamlined model training for tomorrow’s expert users of ESWT. It offers flexible shock wave training programs worldwide to ensure the dissemination of knowledge about ESWT and optimize treatment results.

The Academy’s educational tools and user testimonials contribute to the clinical efficacy and safety of the Swiss DolorClast® Method. They deliver patient satisfaction and make your practice even more successful.



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